123's Consultant Program

We’ve been asked about, and have started planning, our consulting and certification programs.


If you are interested in consulting for 123, please let us know by signing up for a free trial and selecting "Consultant" for "Type of Business" in Firm Setup (when you login a Firm Setup Wizard will walk you through the process).  Consultants will be granted an on-going free account you can use for: testing, demoing, and designing Forms for you Clients and/or to share with the 123 community.


You can start your training now and be an early adopter in our programs, helping us to define them and helping your Clients get 123 implemented.

 An overview of 123's Consultant Program (this is not finalized)

  • Complete Online Training
  • Sign 123 Consultant contract
  • Achieve certifications (You may begin consulting without the certifications, and earn them as you go)
  • 20% commission on recurring revenue generated from your sale of 123 to your clients, and engagement with your clients
  • Free 123 Consultant account for training, testing, form design, & demos
  • We will be adding a feature that allows you to share form and section templates and custom questions you design in your Consultant account with your clients’ Firm accounts