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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow long is the contract I must agree to?

    There are no contracts. You may stop using 123 at any time and you will stop paying your subscription fee starting immediately upon cancellation.

  • q-iconCan I brand my forms with my firm's logos, other images, colors, and fonts?

    Yes, mostly. Currently you can: Change the name of the app to your firm’s name or abbreviation Include several types of logos and images Change the fonts and colors of all text Include the login frame in your firm’s website Color themes for entire forms is Coming Soon!

  • q-iconCan I get the data from 123 into my law practice management system? How about my accounting system?

    Yes, partially. Currently 123 can: – Auto Sync Clients & Matters with Clio’s Contacts & Matters – Export Excel or CSV files of 123 billing reports and load into your accounting app Planned Integrations: – Auto Sync Documents & Versions, Timers & Activities with Clio – Integration with Zapier for integration with 300+ supported apps – Open API: Our API is already being used and will be available to integrate to any other system – Auto Sync 123 billing reports with Xero – Mapping of 123 Practice Area specific fields with custom Clio fields for auto sync

  • q-iconWhat kind of Support is available? Training? What are the fees?

    LiveChat, Live Phone Support, Live Webinars, Help Desk, Setup Wizards, Tours, Tutorials, Training Videos, and QuickHelp. All Support is included with your Subscription Fee (i.e. no extra charges). Free setup help and training via a web conference. In-Person Training is $100/hour plus travel expenses.

  • q-iconDo you have a native iOS app? How about Android?

    Not yet. But that development is DEFINITELY in the plans for the near future. We need to focus on the online application first and get it fully released. Then we will tackle the top enhancement requests and mobile apps.

  • q-iconWhat types of questions can I design?

    Standard Questions: Short Answer – Long Answer – Date – Time – Integer – Dollar – Decimal – Percentage

    True/False: Checkbox – Yes/No

    Multiple Options / Lists: Dropdown Selection List – Radio Options – US States – Countries – Salutation – Marital Status – US Law Enforcement Agency – US Military Division – US Military Rank – US Business Entity

    Grouped Questions: Name – US Address – International Address – Person – Organization (Coming Soon) – Matter (Coming Soon) – Table – Table with Links

    Special Formatting: Email – Phone – URL – eSignature – Draw Over Image or Space (Coming Soon)

    Ratings: (Coming Soon) Star – 1 thru 10 – Agree Scale

    Read Only Text: Text – Heading – Instructions – Hyperlink -Body Text – Text with Links

    Read Only Objects: Horizontal Line – Image