123 Certified

We’ve been asked about, and have started planning, our consulting and certification programs.


If you are interested in getting certified in 123 role(s), please let us know. You can start your training now and be an early adopter in our certification programs, helping us to define them.

You do NOT need to be a legal tech consultant to get certified in 123. Our certifications are also designed for the staff of law firms. We anticipate many law firms to ask one staff member to become:

  • Certified 123 Form Designer
  • Certified 123 Form Manager
  • Certified 123 Intake & Form Integrator
  • Certified 123 Firm Implementer & Administrator

We also anticipate law firm employers to begin looking for these certifications in new hires.

Our introductory certification is for all firm members who will be making initial consultation appointments, contacting website visitor prospects, and greeting people coming in for their initial consultations.

  • Certified 123 Intake Manager

Certification Requirements

  • 1

    Complete the online tutorials for that role

    The Tutorials can be found in the key pages for each particular role. Click on the graduation cap symbol. You will see one or more tutorials for each role. 123 keeps track of each users’ completion of each tutorial. Tutorials include short videos clips and step-by-step instructions for you to try each action. Currently we have only completed four tutorials for Form Designers and our first Form Manager Tutorial is in development. Please give us feedback on these for defects & improvements. Each Tutorial has a corresponding video. These videos are a compilation of the short video clips in the Tutorials and can be found on our Training Videos page located in the Help menu (?). These videos are not required for your certification but they are good overviews and refreshers.

  • 2

    Demonstrate the functions of that role

    123 Certifications require actual experience in a particular role with a real firm and intakes.

Certified 123 Intake Manager

A manager or, if self, signs a form saying the Intake Manager has used 123 with a real Intake: checking Conflict of Interest, creation of an Intake client, assigning forms, having an Intake Client complete forms, and following up with Website Visitor Intakes.

Certified 123 Form Designer

Design one of each Form Type: Fill in, checklist, WebForms, Staff Only, etc. Share those Forms with 123 Master to possibly be selected to share with the 123 community of users. These shared Forms will be voted on and used by other 123 users to calculate Popularity scores. 123 will acknowledge winners in various categories annually for most Popular Forms. We will list the winners on our website, giving linkbacks to your websites, and you can use those achievements to demonstrate your competence to potential clients.

Certified 123 Form Manager

Activate and have a Firm use one of each Form Type. You will be asked to create an Intake for 123 Certification, sending an activation to a 123 Staff member, assigning each Form Type to that Intake.  You will be asked to send the URL’s of your WebForm Signup and WebForm Combined, and a 123 staff member will try them out, receiving activation emails and logging in to complete associated Forms.

Certified 123 Intake & Form Integrator


Connect a Firm to Clio; link existing 123 Intake Clients and Matters with Clio Contacts and Matters. Mapping 123 Intake Client Questions with custom Contact fields in Clio; 123 Matter Questions with custom Matter fields in Clio; Mapping Other Persons associated with the Intake Client and/or Matter to create Contacts in Clio associated with the Clio Contact and/or Matter. Integrate Intake123 with one other application via Zapier. Submit a video showing Intakes coming in through Intake123 Intakes & Forms and getting the data into Clio and one other app.



Certified 123 Firm Implementer & Administrator

Setup one Firm with appropriate Practice Areas and Matter Types, Firm images, Firm Members, and fake Intake Client using the Firm Setup Wizard.  Demonstrate competence in 123’s Firm options, billing and reporting.

Target Dates

GA Release of Intake123: April 15

Consulting & Certification Programs Kickoff: April 15 (we will roll out one certification at a time)

You can help us to achieve these target dates by USING 123 right now. The faster we identify bugs, the faster we can fix them and release Intake123 in General Availability.