Colorado Gets Divorce In “The Cloud”

Monument, CO— April 23, 2014— Coloradans can now go online to “the cloud” to avoid paperwork and minimize legal fees during a divorce. ProVault LLC, CEO Debbie Mignola says her company’s cloud-based application, DivorceHelp123, simplifies the process of producing Colorado’s Sworn Financial Statement as well as court required child support and spousal support documents.


“Our new website brings our proven cloud-based divorce solution direct to the public,” Mignola said. “It’s perfect for those who want a do-it-yourself-divorce, people who are looking for an attorney, and those working with an attorney who still uses the old fashioned paper forms.”


Previously, ProVault’s divorce application was only available through a select group of Colorado Family Law attorneys. Mignola says DivorceHelp123’s step-by-step system saves a lot of time and legal fees by streamlining the entire process of creating divorce documents. The application replaces confusing legal terms with everyday language, calculates and updates data automatically, and makes it easy to compare multiple child support and spousal support options side-by-side. All personal information is stored in a secure cloud-based data center and is accessible anywhere online by computer or mobile device.  DivorceHelp123’s $97 introductory price comes with a 30-day free trial.


ProVault is using DivorceHelp123 for its company brand name and product name for the consumer market , and plans to use FamilyLaw.DivorceHelp123 for the Family Law market.


About ProVault DBA DivorceHelp123:

ProVault LLC DBA DivorceHelp123 developed the first and only Family Law cloud software solution for creating Colorado’s Sworn Financial Statement Application as well as court required child support and spousal support documents. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Monument, CO, the company serves Family Law practices, their clients, and now the public by delivering Colorado’s first and only divorce in the cloud solution.

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