Intake123 Makes it Easy to Create and Manage Client Intake Forms

Written By: Robert Ambrogi
Published By:

Sometimes in legal technology, when it rains, it pours. In April, I wrote here about Rocket Matter Intake, the new service from Rocket Matter that allows law firms to post client-intake forms on their websites that integrate directly with its practice management platform. A few weeks later, I wrote here about Lexicata, another client-intake system with more features and configurability than Rocket Matter Intake. As I noted then, there is a third option: Intake123.

What each of these products have in common is that they allow law firms to create online forms for lead intake and new-client intake. The forms reside online where potential clients can fill them out in advance of a consultation or even while sitting in your waiting room. They can also be used to gather information from visitors to your website making inquiries about your services. The information they provide on the forms can be sent directly to a practice management system. Rocket Matter Intake sends the information to Rocket Matter, Lexicata and Intake123 both integrate with Clio and have plans to add others.

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